About Natalie

I’m Natalie Boon, and I’ve been working with information for years. If you're looking for someone who knows how to communicate your information, or to organize it, I'm your woman.

I have always had a passion for information.

I started my career as a Reference Librarian, hunting down details for hundreds of customers. The biggest challenge was navigating the way others had organized the information I was hunting for. So I decided to tackle that challenge myself.

I moved into information architecture, working with a UN sponsored education initiative, and for OgilvyInteractive, an international ad firm. In other words, I analyzed client and customer requirements, marketing plans, made sure the programmers, clients and design team were all on the same page, and even optimized database structures.

Next, I tackled the challenge of organizing government documents for the government of Ontario. I designed systems for forensics labs, and many other departments including Justice, Natural Resources, and Procurement. I went over work flows and legal requirements, and helped optimize procedures and train staff.

Moving into publishing, I’ve been indexing since 2006, and have indexed dozens of scholarly and trade books ranging from existential philosophy to picky child eaters.

If you’ve got specific questions about my experience, ask me.


Educational qualifications:

  • Master's Degree in Information Studies (MISt), University of Toronto
  • ASI Training in Indexing Course
  • EAC editorial training courses
  • Indexing: Theory and Application course, University of California Berkeley
  • Web Search Strategies Certificate, University of Toronto
  • Records Management Certificate, University of Toronto