Website Audits

Does your site really say what you think it does?

In today's world, it's important to have a website.

Even more importantly, it's important to have one that works. If your site isn't communicating with your clients and prospects effectively, then you might as well not have it at all.

Ask yourself -

  • Is it obvious on your website what you offer?
  • Is your content written clearly and persuasively? Are your benefits clear to your clients and prospects?
  • Is your content optimized for the web?
  • Is your navigation clear, so clients and customers can find what you want them to?

I can help you evaluate your website. I'm an expert in information organization, with experience in the publishing and advertising sectors. I've worked on many information products, and have been involved in website projects for large companies such as Unilever, IBM and AMEX.

A site audit can let you leverage your current website into a more effective tool for you and your customers. Sometimes only small changes, properly identified, can lead to big results.